Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about summer semester? We’ve answered your most-asked questions below.

For additional questions, contact UVU Summer Semester by emailing or calling (801) 863-8100.


Where can I find summer semester registration dates and deadlines?

All important dates and deadlines are listed on the UVU Schedule page. This is the best place to find up-to-date deadlines for registration, adding and withdrawing classes, and more.

When does registration for summer classes begin?

Priority registration begins in February, and general registration begins in March.

For specific dates, see the UVU Schedule page.

When does summer semester officially begin?

The summer semester begins in May and ends in August. Block courses are also available, including a weekend block schedule.

For specific dates, see the UVU Schedule page.


How are summer semester classes taught?

Summer classes are taught using three delivery formats: online, face-to-face, and livestream. Some combinations may be offered.

  • Face-to-Face: Lectures are held live in an assigned classroom on specific days and times.
  • Online: Lectures are 100% online via Canvas. Students do not meet on specific days or times. May require proctored exams, but there are no other location-bound requirements.
  • Livestream: Lectures are held live on specific days and times using Microsoft Teams. Students join and interact using their own devices. Physical classroom space is not scheduled.

Are all summer semester classes taught online?

No, summer classes are taught using three delivery formats: online, face-to-face, and livestream. Some combinations may be offered.

See the above question for an explanation of these delivery formats.

Will my classes be held at their regularly scheduled times?

This will depend on the delivery format. If your class is face-to-face or livestreamed, it will be held at a regularly scheduled time.

Summer Programs

Can I complete my math placement in summer semester and register for a math class in the fall?

UVU offers Math Leap sessions all summer — both face-to-face and livestream, synchronous delivery — in which a full-time faculty member teaches you through Microsoft Teams using the ALEKS learning system. You will be able to ask questions via Teams.

Each three-week Math Leap session is $25, with classes scheduled twice a week. You will need to spend time outside of class working in the ALEKS learning system. Passing the system’s math modules will qualify you to register for a math class in the fall. For more information, see the math success website.

Do I need to take Math Leap to place into a higher math class?

If you prefer not to take Math Leap, you can work on the ALEKS modules on your own to prepare for math placement. See the ALEKS Set-Up Guide for step-by-step account setup instructions. A subscription fee may be required.

ALEKS identifies areas for improvement to place you in your targeted math course. After studying, you will take a proctored ALEKS test through UVU’s Testing Services. For proctored ALEKS testing information, please email .


How can I contact my academic advisor?

Log in to, select the “Students” tab, and you will see the name and contact information of your assigned advisor on the right side of the screen.

Can I use the library during summer semester?

Yes, all floors of the Fulton Library are available during the summer semester, including the computer lab.

For hours, see the Library Hours page.

Do I need my schedule set by a certain date for financial aid purposes?

Yes, to qualify for financial aid for summer semester, you must register for classes — including second block classes — by the class change financial aid deadline. UVU will look at enrollment numbers on that date to determine financial aid eligibility. Changing your enrollment after that date may have implications for your financial aid. Be sure to check with Financial Aid and Scholarships if you are considering changing your schedule.

For specific dates, see the UVU Schedule page.