What are the benefits of taking classes during summer semester?

  • Graduate sooner: Taking summer classes helps you get ahead or stay on track to graduate within 4 years.
  • Focus on tough classes: Summer gives you a chance to focus more on challenging classes, take prerequisites for your hard classes, re-take any classes and take classes that are hard to get into during fall and spring semesters.
  • One-on-one attention: You can have more focused attention from your professors in smaller classes.
  • In-state tuition: All students get in-state tuition during summer, even out-of-state and international students!
  • Flexible schedule: Most students enroll in block classes during summer semester, which means you can go to school, work and still have a summer vacation. You can even take classes home with you by taking online classes.
  • No charge for parking permit during summer semester!
  • Save money: Taking 30 credits per academic school year (average of 15 credits a semester) will cost less money than taking 12 or fewer credits every semester. You will graduate sooner, get out into the work force faster and have less debt in student loans.

Is there financial aid available for summer semester?

Yes! Federal Pell Grants are now available year round. Please see a financial aid counselor to find out what aid you qualify for. Loans are also available during summer.

What is the deadline to apply for financial aid?

 Check the Important Dates page or schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor to verify deadlines.

Are tuition rates the same during the summer?

Yes, but students who are out-of-state or international students pay in-state tuition during Summer semester.

What courses are offered during the summer?

Visit the course catalog to see if the courses you want to take are offered during the summer.

Are class lengths different during the summer compared to fall or spring semester?

Classes are offered on block schedules or full semester schedule during fall, spring and summer semester, but students typically register for full semester courses in the fall and spring semesters and block schedule courses during the summer.

How does the block schedule work?

Fall and Spring Semesters tend to incorporate full semester class offerings which are 15 weeks in length.  Full-time enrollment for semester classes  is 12-15 credit hours.  Students are encouraged to take 15 credit hours every semester to graduate in a timely manner.

Summer Semester incorporates 1st or 2nd Block class offerings which are 7 to 71/2 weeks in length.  There are two blocks during each semester.  Students are able to take a full semester class in half the time, but should remember that block classes are more intense because they are taught at a faster pace

How many credits can I take during summer?

You can take up to 18 credits between the two blocks; however, summer courses are rigorous and fast-paced due to the shorter time frame of the course. It's recommended to take 6-8 credits per block for a total of 12-16 credits during the summer semester.

Most classes are either A block (1st 7 ½ weeks) or B-block (2nd 7 ½ weeks).  Many of these classes will fill quickly so be sure to enroll as soon as you are eligible.

How we can contact you if we have questions?

Please send an email to summer@uvu.edu or reach out to us through our social media sites with questions.