Math Leap

 Program Details                 Cost $45                                        

 The Math Leap program is designed to give students the opportunity to review their math knowledge in a friendly, student-centered environment using ALEKS. The goal is to help each student eliminate a semester or more of math!

The program begins with a pre-test that will determine the knowledge of each participant. A customized study path will then be created for each student, focusing on the areas that need the most work.

Participants will have access to online resources to help them master the necessary concepts. Participants are expected to come to class every day for the three weeks of the program. During class time, they will receive individualized instruction from both the online software and a faculty member. They are also expected to work from home.

Students will then be given a post-test to place into a higher math class. The post-test placements will vary based upon the effort an individual puts forth during the program.


Math Leap dates 2019:

Instructor Dates Days Time Room
  5/6 - 5/22 M/W 8 AM - 11 AM  
  5/7 - 5/23 T/R 5 PM - 8 PM  
  6/4 - 6/20 T/R 5 PM - 8 PM  
  6/10 - 6/26 M/W 2 PM - 5 PM  
  6/24 - 7/10 M/W 9 AM - 12 PM  
  7/8 - 7/22 M/W 9 AM - 12 PM  
  7/9 - 7/25 T/R 5 PM - 8 PM  
  7/15 - 7/31 M/W 8 AM - 11 AM  
  7/16 - 8/1 T/R 8 AM - 11 AM  

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Condensed Math Leap sessions $20

2019 dates will be posted soon.


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Parking Information

Students will need to obtain a free Summer Parking permit from parking services in order to park on campus during the workshop. This can be done on their website You will need your UV ID number. If you do not have a UV ID number, call Tena at (801) 863-8103. 


During Fall and Spring semesters students can take MATH 100R. 

This is a 1-credit block course. Students will access ALEKS, have faculty guidance, and will establish official math placement before registration begins for the next semester.  


Students may also choose to do independent self-study. ALEKS can be accessed by following these steps: 

  1. Log into myUVU
  2. Under the student tab select My Academics
  3. Scroll down to My Class Tools
  4. Select ALEKS – Math Learning System
  5. Follow instructions to sign up.
  6. Students will take the official placement test in the testing center for a fee of $5.