Summer Transitions Program

Summer Transitions Experience

Jul 26-Aug 17, 2017 & Aug 21-Dec 16, 2017 | Priority Acceptance Deadline: May 19, 2017 | 

Get a jumpstart on your first year in college!

The program will focus on your math and English skills as well as college success.

Math session: Refresh your math skills and possibly skip to the next level of math, based on your progress.

English session: Move directly into English 1010 by completing this session.

What are the benefits?

    1. Save time and money: Based on your summer bridge performance and scores, students who participate in the program may save about $900 in tuition and fees by advancing to higher level courses.
    2. Receive Individualized attention: Receive individual help and mentoring from instructors and tutors for math and English. Receive help completing financial aid and registering for classes in the fall. Receive continued support through your fall and spring courses (listed below).
    3. Make connections: Connect with advisors, professors, tutors, mentors - all focused on your success. Great opportunity to meet other students!! 
    4. Learn how to  succeed in college: Make the transition to college life easier.

How it works:

Summer Options

1. Math and English

Your summer courses are conveniently scheduled together during a three-hour block from 10:00am to 1:30pm, Monday - Thursday. 


Fall 2017: (Aug. 21-Dec. 16)

English 1010, Math, and Student Leadership & Success Studies (SLSS)

You will be enrolled in the correct math and English class based on your scores from the summer refresher courses. You will also choose an SLSS class.



If you have any questions please contact Shauna Reher   | Phone 801-863-7348| Fax: 801-863-6815 |