Mark Wait

Mark Wait
Senior, Political Science
Hometown: Provo, UT

Mark came to UVU with the intention of earning an associate degree and then transferring to the University of Utah. But at UVU he was introduced to countless opportunities and connected with professors who mentored him. He found it to be an uplifting experience and decided to stay.

Mark is a UVU Review staff member, a Wood Teaching and Research Assistant in the Center for Constitutional Studies, and a member of the Constitutional Studies Club. He recently had the opportunity to travel to Oxford University in England as part of his work on the Quill Project through the Center for Constitutional Studies. His supervisor in the center says, “If we have an important guest, we always consider sending Mark first. He is our go-to ambassador for receiving guests at airports, for hosting scholars at dinner, and for representing UVU at the Utah State Capitol.”

What Mark likes best about UVU is the atmosphere of opportunity and the willingness of professors to take the time to mentor students. “The engaged learning model represents a system wherein all can and do succeed,” he says. “My goal is to persuade incoming freshmen to seek out on-campus opportunities that will help them excel at UVU.”

Mark plans to pursue a Ph.D. in social sciences. He would like to start his career as a professor and eventually move to a position in higher education administration.