Tanner Anderson

Tanner Anderson
Senior, Communication, speech emphasis
Hometown: Riverton, UT

Tanner Anderson’s experience as a presidential intern has garnered him some high-level experience and has landed him in some influential circles. As the presidential intern to the UVU chief of staff last year, he served as the lead intern in the program, which made him responsible for planning weekly luncheons and excursions to introduce the interns to business leaders in the region.

As a Foundation ambassador, Tanner would like to continue building relationships with community leaders. He says, “My role in reaching out to executives of various organizations has taught me how to communicate what UVU is about, in a succinct yet powerful way, to those who have an ability to help our cause.”

Tanner originally came to UVU with the idea that it would be a stepping stone to another school, but the mentoring he received here from senior administrators convinced him that no other school would be so dedicated to his success. He appreciates UVU’s focus on providing engaged learning opportunities — opportunities, he says, “to do truly hard things, through which our visions of ourselves and our life plans are elevated. This school really lifts all students to higher planes.”

Tanner is also a member of the Presidential Transition Committee that is overseeing the transition between presidents Matthew S. Holland and Astrid S. Tuminez and the Student Success and Retention Committee. After graduation, he hopes to engage his passion for organizational creativity through a career in management consulting and venture capitalism. “Eventually I want to coach leaders of companies that make differences in the world and governmental leaders in developing nations,” he says.