Tara Crowther

Tara Crowther
Senior, Elementary Education
Hometown: Sanford, CO

Tara Crowther chose UVU because it offers opportunities for growth in leadership and education. “I knew that by getting involved at UVU I would be able to gain leadership and life skills that would serve me in the future,” she says. “At UVU you are able to create your own story. Where you want to go in this university is based on your passions, not your past or your ability to beat out your peers.”

As a Wolverine ambassador for three years, Tara represented UVU and all it stands for to prospective students and the community. An events lead for the Wolverine ambassadors, she planned and executed four UVU open houses and a Wolverine Weekend. Her thesis project last year researched ways to improve these open houses. “My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from having one-on-one connections with prospective students and knowing that I have been able to impact their futures,” she says.

Tara also completed the two-year LEAD program with distinction. The program helped her discover her leadership style and practice it as a team lead. She says, “I learned that leadership isn’t about standing on top of others but rather lifting them up so that they can succeed.”

Tara believes that it is not our strengths that define us but how we use our strengths to make an impact on the world around us. She plans to become an elementary school teacher and change children’s lives by giving them the tools to succeed. She eventually would like to earn a master’s degree in education and teach on the collegiate level.