In-Kind Donation

The University welcomes gifts in kind that may have an educational purpose for the University. Please contact us to determine if you have a gift that may fulfill a need.

Examples of gifts that have a determinable value:

  • art
  • antiques
  • coin collections
  • stamp collections
  • jewelry
  • furniture
  • rare books and manuscripts

Items that can be used to support the University and its operations:

  • equipment
  • books
  • artwork
  • supplies
  • auction items

If a gift is not needed by a University department, the UVU Foundation could help locate a buyer, but we cannot take a gift with the intent to resell it without special acknowledgement, arrangements with the donor, and additional tax repercussions to both the Foundation and the donor.

Gifts in kind should be reported at the fair market value. If the item or items in the aggregate are valued at more than $5,000, the donation will require an appraisal by an independent, expert appraiser. The donation receipt supplied to the donor for a gift in kind will not reflect a dollar amount. The amount and tax-deductible nature of a gift in kind is rather to be determined by the donor and the donor's tax advisor.

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