What UVU is Doing: Student Life and Wellness

Placeholder ImageUVU broke ground on its new Student Life and Wellness Center June 18, 2012 and opened April 17, 2014. The building was awarded LEED Silver certification.

Like the new Sciences building, the Student Life and Wellness Center will boast a fully automated control system, reflective glass systems, and innovative lighting techniques to reduce energy consumption.

Other similarities will include:

  • Low VOC content paints
  • Contaminant monitoring and prevention
  • Air flow systems to supply fresh air and minimize exhausts
  • Extra insulation in the roof
  • Higher standard water fixtures

The project has also been tasked with the goal of recycling 90 percent of construction waste.

The completed building houses basketball courts, an indoor track, fitness and dance rooms, workout areas with state-of-the-art equipment, a climbing wall, a bowling alley, a gaming center and study rooms. In addition, the SLWC provides services such as massage therapy and the reflection room will provide a relaxing space for meditation to help students manage their stress. The center houses Student Life offices, UVU’s Student Association, other offices and the student newspaper, the UVU Review. UVU’s parking structure, which opened in July, was built in conjunction with the Student Life and Wellness Center. The facilities are connected by an elevated and enclosed walkway for easy access.

sl wellness building