What UVU is Doing: Solid Waste Reduction

Recycle Image

UVU is committed to both the reduction and efficient management of solid waste. Our commitment is exemplified through our acquisition of a new bailer, collection of cardboard and paper products, use of recycled plastics in our carpets, and promotion of surplus sales to the public.

In 2009 UVU acquired a new bailer to accommodate our growing recycling needs. The new bailer allows for greater amounts of cardboard and other papers to be compacted and stored until it is economically feasible to transport the bails to the recycling plant. The recycling team consists of several students who diligently circle the campus collecting recyclable materials which have been organized into bins. The materials are then brought back to the bailer where they are compacted and stored. For more on recycling at UVU, visit the recycling website.

When the new library was constructed, the floor was covered with 22,111 square feet of “climate neutral” carpet. The “green” carpet wove recycled plastics as carpet fibers. It is estimated that the use of the plastics prevented 351 tons of greenhouse gas from being emitted.

Since its inception, UVU has made the most out of very little. This is still true today. As the university adjusts to market needs, sometimes old equipment is no longer needed by university personnel. Instead of simply trashing this otherwise useful equipment, UVU offers the goods to the public at discounted prices. The UVU “surplus sale” is held roughly once per month and usually draws a crowd. Everything from computers to air planes is auctioned off to the public. This practice both reduces UVU’s impact in local landfills by increasing the lifespan of equipment which would have otherwise been terminated and provides a resource for the public to find affordable goods.