Sustainability Resolution

Utah Valley University is Utah’s largest institution of higher education, and as such must act as a steward of sustainability by developing best practices, reducing our ecological impact, and facilitating a climate of innovation and environmental responsibility. Since the creation of the Orem campus, UVU has placed great importance upon building a highly efficient and sustainable campus, and strives to be the “greenest” university in Utah in more than just school colors.

Therefore, in consultation with UVU’s Faculty Senate, the President’s Council pledges the following:

WHEREAS, members of the Utah System of Higher Education have indicated a commitment to sustainable campuses and efforts to become carbon neutral by 2050; and

WHEREAS, UVU is committed to providing the resources necessary to evaluate and strategize UVU’s sustainability; and

WHEREAS, UVU recognizes that sustainability is an interdepartmental, campus-wide initiative that requires support from Faculty Senate, PACE, the Student Association, and the Administration; and

WHEREAS, a truly holistic sustainability effort will require a strategic plan to effectively evaluate and establish timely goals for a more environmentally responsible campus and carbon neutrality;

THEREFORE be it resolved that Utah Valley University commits to do the following:

  • Develop a plan to become carbon neutral by 2050;
  • Approve an early PBA hire for FY2018-19 to establish a full-time Sustainability Coordinator;
  • Revise the composition of the Sustainability Committee to include the Sustainability Coordinator and representation from Faculty Senate, PACE, the Student Association, and the Administration;
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for carbon neutrality by the Sustainability Committee;
  • Conduct a 1-year assessment of UVU's current carbon footprint;
  • Explore partnership opportunities with a regional/national sustainability coalition/organization; and,
  • Develop a more comprehensive internal marketing plan to promote sustainability efforts across campus.

Draft affirmed by the Faculty Senate the twelfth day of April 2018.

Final version ratified by the President’s Council the seventh day of June 2018.