Campus Sustainability Day - Schedule of Events

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM 

Information tables set up in the Science Building Atrium, Hall of Flags and the RL Concourse.  

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Speaker presentations in SC 213B

3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Keynote presentations in SB 134.


SC 213B Presentations

Time Presenter Topic
10:00 AM Eddy Cadet Rejuvination of Utah Lake
10:20 AM SLC Air Protector Grass-roots Localized Solutions to Environmental Issues
10:30 AM John Pilmer Bridging Generations & Political Barriers with Effective Sustainability Communications
11:00 AM Merry Ann Nguyen and Toree Douglas Go Green UVU
11:20 AM Weihong Wang Energy Sources for Electricity Production in Utah: Past, Present and Future
11:40 AM Linda Shelton, Alexandria White, Tanner Vance, Makinzi Marstella and Donella Walker Learning Sustainability at Capitol Reef Field Station
12:00 PM Maria Blevins What is Sustainability?
12:30 PM Dave Pancheco Wild Utah: America's Redrock Wilderness
1:00 PM David Folland Bipartisan Climate Solutions: The Citizens' Climate Lobby Approach
1:30 PM Nicolas Huey  Advertising Could Save the World
2:00 PM Paul Brooks What Happens to the Snow? Ensuring Sustainable Water Resources for Utah's Future
2:30 PM Brian Moench Why Women are Becoming Smarter than Men. It's the Environment, Stupid


SB 134

Time                                Presenter Topic
3:00 PM Rob Davies (KEYNOTE) Unveiling the Anthropocene
3:45 PM UVU Student Performances Violin/Poetry/Visual Art
4:00 PM Q & A                                   Climate Change
4:30 PM Piper Christian How Students Can Influence Change
5:00 PM Dave Levitan (KEYNOTE) Two Basic Facts: Science is Complicted and Politcians Have Agendas
5:30 PM Kimball Rasmussen The Realties of Electricity Generation Today
6:00 PM UVU Student Performances Violin/Poetry/Visual Art
6:15 PM                                  PANEL                                                                         People Politics and Energy