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Strength Coaching

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The Woodbury School of Business Talent Sourcing Team are your key partners in the creation and building of your personal brand. We are here to assist in the design of your career path and then to be your guide as you prepare to transition from the classroom to career.

Exceptional care as you prepare for your career

Thoughtful Communication

Weekly career prep information delivered directly to your inbox.

To ensure you have the most up-to-date information and resources available to you, school of business students receive regular (often weekly) emails that offer:

  • Current job and internship opportunities curated for students in each major
  • Information for Career Ready events across campus, online, and within your chosen field
  • Information on competitions and conference opportunities for your major
  • Career Prep Resources to help you prepare for interviews 

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Learn how to turn your talents into strengths

As a Woodbury School of Business student, we encourage you to complete the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment. By understanding your strengths, you can become a more engaged student, a successful candidate for internships and jobs, and thrive in many areas of your life.

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As a school of business student, You have access to FREE Strengths Coaching

Learn more about what makes you the best YOU possible by reviewing your CliftonStrengths results with a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. A coach can help you understand your personalized Strengths Insights. A coach  walks you through the unique ways you experience your strengths every day and how your strengths influence others.

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Accelerate your career with an Internship

Experience Matters

Keep in touch During your internship experience

Once you have been offered and accept your internship, you’ll gain access to your internship course. Matt Moon, your instructor, is your mentor and guide during your internship experience and beyond. Matt also connects with employers to build relationships within the community to further your internship opportunities. 

For more information on internships for business students, click below.

Business Internship Information

high impact internships

High Impact Interships provide practical experience for students in high profile organizations such as government (Utah and U.S.), major organizations (such as Disney) and through study abroad. 

For more information on High Impact Internships, click below.

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