Moving a Phone


Before a phone can be unplugged/moved, it must be deactivated properly. 

  1. Dial *55
  2. Dial password: 0000 (That's four zeros. Not to be confused with your voicemail password.)
  3. Press 'Apply' button if applicable (4029/8029s and 4039/8029s only)
  4. Unplug your phone


If you forgot to deactivate your phone before unplugging/moving it, go back to the original spot, plug the phone back in, and then follow the above instructions. Telephone Services can deactivate a phone if you cannot find the original spot.


  1. Plug your phone in
  2. Lift the receiver/handset
  3. When asked to enter your "station number", dial your 4-digit extension
  4. Dial password: 0000
  5. Hang up


The phone will ring 2 or 3 times. When the date and time appear on the display, your phone is ready to use.