UVU Alcatel Phone Feature

Reference Sheet

INTERNAL CALL: Dial 4-digit directory number.
EXTERNAL CALL: Dial 9 + phone number.

LINE HOLD: If you are on a call and another call rings in, press the ringing line to put first call on hold. You will then be connected to the ringing party.
GROUP HOLD: When on a call, press HOLD key to place caller in group hold for group members to pickup.

TRANSFER: While the caller is on the line, dial the 4-digit directory number of the person you wish to transfer to. You may announce the call if you wish (caller will NOT hear the announcement); hang up to complete the transfer. If you initiated a call that you would like to transfer, press TRANSFER then dial the 4-digit directory number.
TRANSFER TO VOICE: While caller is on the line, dial the 4-digit directory number of the person you wish to transfer to, then press *9. Hang up to complete the transfer to voicemail.

CONFERENCE: While caller is on the line, press the 2nd-line key. Dial the next phone number, press CONF to join the calls together. To add up to 5 more callers, press CONF, then dial the number, and press CONF to add.

DIRECT PICK-UP: Press PICK UP or dial *72 and the ringing phone’s directory number.
GROUP PICK-UP: Dial *73 to pick up any ringing phone in your group.

DND / PRIVACY: To make your phone ring busy to internal callers and go to voicemail for external callers, press DND or PRIVACY and your password (0000).

CALL FORWARD: Press FORWARD and dial the forward destination or dial the forward code (*60-63) and the forward destination.
CANCEL FORWARD: Press FORWARD or dial the forward cancel code (*64).

STORED NUMBER: While on a call, press STORE # to store the number in memory for one use. To use the feature, press STORE # to dial the number.

LOCK OR UNLOCK: To lock or unlock your phone-set, press *77 and then enter your password (0000).

DEACTIVATE/REACTIVATE: To move your phone from one place to another, deactivate by pressing *55. (Press apply if applicable.) Unplug phone and move to new location. Reactivate by plugging in, lifting the handset, entering extension number, and a password of “0000”. Hang up the handset. Phone will ring. Pick up and immediately replace handset then the display will show date and time.

PARK: While a caller is on the line, press the PARK key or dial the park code (*75) and the park number (usually your directory number).
PARK PICKUP: Press the PARK key and dial the park number or dial the park code (*75) and the park number.

Table of codes

Action Code
Direct outside line 9
Display-adjustment *67
Do not disturb (privacy button is better) *78
Forward immediately *60
Forward on busy immediately *61
Forward on no answer *62
Forward on busy or no answer *63
Cancel forward *64
Remote forward *88
Cancel remote forward *65
Direct call pickup *72
Group call pickup *73
Lock *77
Park call/retrieve *75
Voicemail access *9
Wake-up/appointment reminder *80
Cancel wake-up/appointment reminder *81