Chitester Virtual Lab Instructions

Due to security upgrades, Chi Tester will only be accessible through a UVU virtual lab, which will require Duo authentication.

This process will also require you to install a Citrix Receiver to access the virtual lab. The following is a step by step walkthrough that should guide you through the initial installation of the Citrix Receiver so you can then access Chi Tester.

For any issues or further help with installing the Citrix Receiver outside of these instructions, please contact the UVU Service Desk at 801-863-8888.



Virtual Lab

Go to UVU Virtual Lab (we currently recommend Google Chrome as the browser)


Enter Information

You will be prompted to enter you UVID number as a username, your UVU account password, and accept the terms and conditions.

Log In Screen screenshot



You will be asked to authenticate via Duo.

Authentication screen with duo screenshot


Detect Reveiver

Once you have authenticated you may be presented with a button that will allow you to “Detect Receiver”.

Detect reciever button screenshot



You will then have the opportunity to click the check box agreeing with the Citrix License agreement and then click the “Download” button.

Citrix Reciever download page screenshot



After downloading the install files for the Citrix Receiver, you will be able to click on the files and initiate the installation.


License Agreement

You will again be presented with the opportunity to read through the Citrix License Agreement and click the check box to accept. You will then need to click the Install button to proceed.

Citrix license agreement screenshot



After the install completes you will see the following message letting you know the install was successful: You can now click the “Finish” button.

Successful installation screenshot



After Installing the Citrix Receiver successfully, you should be able to click the “Continue” button.

continue button screenshot



You should see an icon for "CHI TESTER" in the apps section of the virtual lab which you can click on to take you to Chi Tester.

Chi Tester icon screenshot in the virtual lab

Having issues on Windows?

For Windows users, while using Chi Tester if you experience issues uploading exams into the system or other issues, it may help to download the Citrix Workspace App as well:


Go to the following webpage and click on the link: Cirtux Workspace App You will then be able to select the download file for “Citrix Workspace app 1809 for Windows”

Screenshot of the download area


Click the Download button

Screenshot of the download button


You should see the downloaded file docked in the lower right hand corner, click on the file and ask it to open. Note: if you do not see anything resembling the image to the right, try checking your downloads folder and opening the file from there

Screenshot of the downloaded item on a web browser


Select the run option to begin the install process for the Citrix Workspace App

Screenshot of the security warning dialog box


Click the Start button to progress to the next step in the installation process

Screenshot of the citrix workspace welcome screen


Agree to the License Agreement by clicking the checkbox and selecting the Install button

Screenshot of accepting the license agreement


After your install is complete select the Finish button

Screenshot of the installation being successful

Having issues on Mac or Apple Devices?


Uninstall any Citrix Software from your device and redownload software by visiting the link below:


With the help of UVU faculty we were able to identify with our Citrix experts and IT that a recent Citrix update interferes with how dropdown boxes work in Chi Tester.  The file above will is an older download provided by Citrix while they work on fixing their issues for Mac's.

Workspace App Use


Add Account Pop Up

Type in " " into the textbox asking for an email or server address

add account pop up box


Login and Authenticate

You will be prompted to enter your UVID number as a username, your UVU account password, enter Push for the Passcode.  Click the "Log On" button.  This will initiate the authentication process for logging in.

Log In Screen screenshot


Citrix Workspace App

You may see the following page explaining that the Citrix Receiver is now Citrix Workspace app.  Glick the "Got It" button to proceed

Receiver is workspace explanation page


Second Login

Depending on where you are logging in from you may be asked to enter your UVID and password again. To speed-up this step for future logins, click the "Remember my password" check box before clicking the "Log On" button.

2nd log in prompt


Adding Apps

Once the Citrix Workspace app is open, you will see a grey "+" button on the left hand side of the page.  You can click on this button to see a list of apps and programs to add to your Workspace app dashboard.

Add apps + button in citrix workspace


Adding the Chi Tester App

You will see a list of available apps to add to your dashboard.  Click on the Chi Tester app to add it to your list of apps you would like in your dashboard.  You should only have to add Chi Tester to your dashboard once.  After adding the icon to your dashboard you can simply click on it to bring Chi Tester up instead of looking through the list of available apps.

Chi Tester app in the list of workspace apps