Current Students

Proctored/Accommodative Testing

Students needing accommodations in taking a test.

Placement Test

New students, first time students, and returning students take a placement test to know what classes they should enroll for their greatest academic success.

Testing Out of a Class

CLEP, DANTES, BPT (Business Proficiency Test) scores can give you college credit, fulfilling course requirements for your degree.

Education Program

For more information please contact Testing Services (801) 863-8269,

Classroom Testing

More information on student scores, cell phone policy, child policy, student code, and things to keep in mind when coming to the Classroom Testing Center (CTC).

UVU Students

Shuttle Bus

There are shuttle buses that run from main campus to the parking lot near Testing Services.

Test Dates

To find the starting and closing dates for exams you can log in to your Chitester account and find your exam or view currently running tests.