Proctored Testing & Accommodations

Students needing test accommodations must first visit the Accessibility Services Department at the beginning of each semester to assess their needs. Upon approval of accommodations, paperwork will be sent to Testing Services allowing students to test in the Accommodative Testing Center. All Accommodative students MUST schedule an appointment with the Accommodative Testing Center at least 24 business hours in advance.

Location: WS 101
Phone: (801) 863-8544

Submitting Tests

Follow the link for instruction on how to submit exams to Testing Services for your accommodative students. Submitting Accommodative Exams. You will be given the option to drop the exam off to our office, however you must complete the online order form first. If the exam is already in the Classroom Testing Center for the rest of the class, the student may use a copy from the center. The student will be expected to test within the same time frame and pay the fees associated with each exam. Exams needing to be taped must be submitted 24 business hours in advance.

UVU Students

Accommodative Guidelines

Testing accommodations can be provided for a student with documented disabilities by the UVU Accessibility Services Department. To coordinate testing arrangements with the Accommodative Testing Center, students and faculty are required to arrange the following:

  1. Exam Notification – Faculty members are encouraged to provide students with sufficient notice of exam dates.
  2. Scheduling – Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment to take their exam at least 24 business hours before the time the test is scheduled to begin. Students must know their class name, course number and teacher’s name.
  3. Exam Drop Off – It is the faculty’s responsibility to have the exam submitted via the online CHI database before the student’s scheduled test time. At the time of submission, faculty must indicate the name of the student and what testing aids are permitted to the student, if any. If the test is available in the Classroom Testing Center for the rest of the class, please have the student indicate that when they call in to schedule their appointment. In order to ensure test security, exams are only allowed to be submitted via the online CHI database.
  4. Fees – Students should be aware that if their test is available to the rest of the class at the Classroom Testing Center and they test on a Fee Day, they will still need to pay the $4.00 fee.
  5. Testing Day – Students should arrive at the Accommodative Testing Center at least 10 minutes before their appointment. Students are not allowed to bring any testing materials into the testing room except testing aids approved by their instructor. After a student has completed an exam, all test materials, testing aids, and scratch papers will be collected. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, your room reservation may be reassigned and you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.
  6. Return of Completed Exam – Faculty members are required to pick up the completed exam as soon as possible.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Students need to call the Proctor Exam Center at least 24 business hours in advance to set an appointment. Student’s first appointment for the semester can only be set after being approved for Accommodations by the Accessibility Services Department. For appointments and questions, please call the Proctor Exam Center at (801) 863-8544.

For TTY or Hearing Impaired please submit scheduling email requests to  Email requests will be responded within one business day.


The Classroom Testing Fees apply. If a student takes a test that is also available in the Classroom Testing Center, the student will pay the $4.00 fee if they test on a Fee Day.