Classroom Testing Center (CTC)

Hours of Operation

Information on classroom testing hours.

Student Score Information

  1. Log in to using your UVID and log in
  2. Highlight Exam Name
  3. Click on "View Test Scores" if you do not know your UVID Log In, contact the IT Support Desk at (801) 863-8888. 

Testing Policies and Procedures

In order to test in the Classroom Testing Center you must agree to abide by our Testing Policies and Procedures (PDF).

Student Code

Part of Student Rights and Responsibilities stated, “ The College expects all students to obey the law, to show respect for properly constituted authority...observe a high standard of conduct for the academic environment….a student enrolled in the College accepts the obligation to conduct himself/herself in an adult manner acceptable at an institution of higher education”. For more on Student Rights and Responsibilities please refer to the current

The Classroom Testing Center understands the stress students are going through before testing. We strive to give the best service to all of our clientele at all times. Any issues or concerns about our service, please email our office at

Academic Dishonesty

For students using UVU Testing Services, we consider the following behaviors to be academically dishonest:

  • Copying from another person's work during an examination.
  • Allowing someone to copy from you during an examination.
  • Using unauthorized materials during an examination.
  • Taking an examination for another or permitting another to take an exam for you.
  • Obtaining or providing answers to an administered test.
  • Removing or attempting to remove a test, its answers, or any portion thereof, from Testing Services
  • Discussing the contents/answers of an examination already taken with a student who has not entered to take the exam.

Consistent with the expectations of Utah Valley University, individuals caught engaging in any of the above-described behaviors will receive a zero on their exam and be referred to Campus Police and their instructor for appropriate disciplinary action.

Is it worth it?

Cell Phone Policy

All cell phones must be turned OFF before entering the Testing Center, not on silent or vibrate. If your cell phone rings or vibrates in the Testing Center you will be required to pay a $10 fine for disturbing the testing environment.  If the fee cannot be paid immediately after testing, a hold will be put on your account and you will not be able to test again until the fee is paid.

Children in the Classroom Testing Center

The Classroom Testing Center supports the UVU policy on “Children in the Classrooms.” Campus police will be notified when children are found unattended in the halls around the Testing Center.

Things to Know Before Coming to the Testing Center

  • Know class name, course number and instructor’s name.
  • A current Government issued picture ID is required to test (UVU ID, driver’s license, military, or passport).
  • A #2 pencil is needed for bubble sheets.
  • All books, papers, notebooks, etc… must be contained in a backpack or in a Testing Center black bag (provided) and placed under your desk.
  • All electronic devices, including but not limited to, cell phones, tablets, laptops, and pagers, must be powered off before entering the Testing Center and placed into the black bag. There are no electronic dictionaries allowed, only paperback, if authorized by the instructor.
  • Food and drink are not permitted.
  • While testing, items should never be taken out of your bag without checking with a Testing Center employee first. It could be interpreted as cheating.

When is the best time to take my test?

  • Check the CTC Line Reports to find out the history of the line and when it is the shortest.


  • Students are required to supply their own scratch paper, ONLY if authorized by the instructor to a maximum of 10 pages.
  • All paper used for testing will be stamped with a CTC stamp and will be collected at the end of the test. The scratch paper will be discarded.
  • Cue Sheets are allowed in the size of 3x5, 4x6, or half sheets, according to the instructor's specifications.  All cue sheets will be stamped and collected. The testing center staff has the right to refuse any cue sheet that is questionable.  Cue sheets cannot be recycled for a second use in the center.
  • The amount of notes that can be brought into the center is unlimited.  However, all notes must be contained in a three ring binder, which students are expected to supply.  The testing center staff has the right to refuse notes that are questionable.  Writing on notes brought into the center while testing is prohibited.  Notes are not collected, but instead retained by the student leaving the center. 
  • Scientific, graphing and programmable calculators are allowed only when specified by your instructor.  Instructors may request that the calculator memory be cleared. Refer to our CTC Calculator Notice for more information.
  • The following are NOT permitted for use: electronic dictionaries, headphones, computers/laptops, cell phones, pagers, palm pilots, or any other electronic devices.


  • Pencils and blue books are sold in the Classroom Testing Center. Pencils are $0.25 and blue books are $0.50 for the large size and $0.25 for the small size.
  • Taking the test on the “fee day” will result in a $4.00 fee. (Students can check online to look up their tests schedule and scores online). Log in to your Chi Account (using your UVID and password) for this information.
  • All charges must be paid in either cash or card. There is an ATM available in the building that dispenses $1's, $5's, and $10's for your convenience.


  • Students should leave their backpack/black bag closed until they have turned in the test.
  • ALL testing materials (including scratch paper) must be turned in to the employee at the counter. Scratch paper will be discarded.
  • After the exam has been scored the student will not be able to review the test or see answers from their scantron. Any questions regarding answers or test questions should be directed to the instructor, not a Testing Center employee.