Technology Check

Technology Pre-Check Appointment  

  • An optional free Technology Pre-Check Appointment can help you prepare your technology for your at-home testing appointment.This meeting would be a video conference call using Microsoft Teams.  1 - 2 business-days before your appointment, you would receive an email from [email protected] that contains a link to the Microsoft Teams call. To schedule for this please go to our appointment scheduling page. Additionally please check our Remote Testing Information.

Technology Checklist

  • Prepare Your Computer – Only Windows or Mac computers (desktop or laptop) for at home testing. At home testing cannot be taken on a phone, IPad, tablet, or Chrome Book. Dual/multiple monitors are not allowed.  At home testing sessions are video monitored so your computer must have a functioning camera and microphone. You can follow these steps here to check your camera and microphone. 
  • Prepare Your Camera - At home testing cannot be valid if the camera does not show your face, eyes, and hands throughout the entire exam. Before your appointment, make sure that you can set up your camera so that both your eyes and hands are visible.  We recommend using an adjustable camera that will allow you to move it around as needed. 
  • Download the Microsoft Teams App – You must have access to the Microsoft Teams app (the online browser version cannot be used) at the time of your appointment.  You can download the Microsoft Teams app by going to the following link:  Once downloaded, sign into Microsoft Teams using your UVU information.  Your username is your UVU email address in this format: [email protected] (ex: [email protected]).  Your password is your myUVU password. 
  • Screen Share through Microsoft Teams -  During remote testing you will need to share your screen. To ensure that you are able to screen share please follow these instructions to determine if you can screen share. 

Internet Reliability

  • Reliable internet is required for Proctoring at Home exams. Consistent internet speeds needed for remote testing are: 3 Mbps download speeds and 1.2 Mbps upload speeds.
  • Check your Internet Speed
  • To learn about the difference in internet download and upload speeds you may visit this webpage.

Person Using Computer

Remote Testing Technology Preparation Video

Remote Testing System Preferences for Macs

Allowing Microsoft Teams

Follow the steps to enable Microsoft Teams App to work on your Mac computer. 

  1. Click on the “System Preferences” app on your app toolbar ( the app looks like a gear).
  2. Click on “Security and Privacy.”
  3. Click the lock icon on the bottom left of the pop-up window to allow further changes.
  4. From the list on the left side, click on each of the following icons individually and click the check box next to Microsoft Teams. If all of the icons are not available, enable Microsoft Teams in what icons are available.Mac System Prefences
  5. Once everything has been enabled, exit out of Microsoft Teams and go back in in order for the changes to apply.

If you have issues please feel free to contact us.