Theatre Events

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The Edge of Peace

May 12th - May 14th


Directed by: Daniel Bunker

Performed by: UVU Department of Theatrical Arts

Location: May 12th - May 14th, Noorda Regional Theatre

The last play in Suzan Zeder's acclaimed Ware Trilogy is set in the tiny town of Ware, Illinois in the last desperate days of World War II. This play addresses the impact on a family and a community after a young man from the town is declared missing in action and the soldier's little brother refuses to believe what seems inevitable. In the visual poetry of sign language, Tuc, a mechanic and the Deaf postman for the town, takes us on a journey of hope through a landscape of loss as everyone waits for news about the missing soldier and prays for peace.


June 30th & July 1st


Directed by: Mahonri Stewart

Performed by: UVU Department of Theatrical Arts

Location: June 30th & July 1st, Noorda Regional Theatre

A group of young people dare each other to spend the night in a haunted house, in which they encounter ghosts of the past as well as the personal fears that haunt them.