Advanced Manufacturing

New Manufacturing Courses at UVU

Advanced Manufacturing Brochure

UVU's new Advanced Manufacturing certificate is designed to fit with your company's needs. The certificate came out of a need for local industry to train their employees (future and current). It provides entry-level manufacturing technician skills, but can also help experienced workers hone their skills. Students may also elect to take one or two classes that stand alone in the areas where they most need improvement, such as quality control, supervision, CAD, etc. 


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Examples of courses taught: 

Tech 1050: Manufacturing Processes and Systems covers a variety of common manufacturing processes, helps students see a factory from a systematic or wholistic perspective, introduces them to tools that are helpful in analyzing a system such as simulation and basic quality principles, and teaches principles of Lean manufacturing. 

Tech 2050: Introduction to Quality Management covers principles and tools of a quality system based on Deming's work. Some of the topics and tools we use in this class are: operational definitions, Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, Six Sigma, Measurement Systems Analysis, Gauge R&R, etc. 


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Students who complete this certificate can continue their education and stack these credits into UVU's AAS Technology degree. 

Benefits of the Advanced Manufacturing Courses include: 

  • Stack into AAS Technology degree
  • Higher salary potential 
  • Customized course selection 
  • Stand alone classes or complete certificate 
  • Evening class schedule 
  • Credit for experience/internship opportunities 
  • Industry projects 

Program Learning Outcomes

For questions or concerns, please contact Carrie Peterson at or 801-863-7454