Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven methodology aimed at increasing overall quality and elimination of defects in processes, products, and services. It can be utilized in every aspect of business including (but not limited to) production, human resources, order entry, information technology, support, and customer service.

With proper planning as a student progresses through the required Technology Management courses, he/she can graduate with a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. What will Six Sigma Green Belt certification bring to the student?

  • It helps the student to demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter.
  • It increases the student's desirability by employers.
  • It can potentially increase starting salaries.
  • It helps the student implement high quality projects and procedures in the work place.

However one large barrier to achieving Six Sigma certification has been the cost associated with gaining the certification. The costs are generally in the thousands depending on where the certification is obtained.

Utilizing senior capstone teams, we developed a process that outlines which Technology Management courses meet the requirements for Green Belt certification. Another capstone team outlined a procedure for tracking the students' grades and plotted a road map they could follow.

As a student follows the roadmap throughout his/her Technology Management courses, it will culminate with a successful capstone project that finalizes the requirements for certification. As the program stands now, there is no added burden to the student. We simply developed a way to achieve an important certification that is greatly beneficial in today's technological business world.