STEM Equity Pipeline

NAPE STEM Pipeline Project

The STEM Equity Pipeline™ is a collaborative effort between State Teams and an Extension Services Group of leading researchers and practitioners in gender equity and STEM education to: build the capacity of the formal education community to implement research-based approaches proven to increase the participation and completion of females, including those with disabilities, in STEM education; institutionalize the implemented strategies by connecting the outcomes to existing accountability systems; and broaden the commitment to gender equity in STEM education.

STEM in Utah 

Utah leaders have identified STEM and health profession as areas in which there will continue to be a high demand for workers. It will take both men and women in STEM degrees and jobs to meet the Utah workforce demand that will contribute to a strong economy. A STEM degree is an identified pathway to a STEM job. However, the number of women pursuing foundational STEM degrees lags behind men both nationally (holding less than 25% in STEM fields) and within the state of Utah.

There are numerous benefits for Utah Women who purse STEM degrees and careers. First, there are clear economic advantages to being employed in STEM-related fields. Workers in STEM occupations typically earn 26% more than their non-STEM colleagues. STEM workers are also less likely to become unemployed. A diverse workforce promotes creativity and fosters innovative business solutions.

Utah State Plan

Goals of the 2014-15 Utah state plan include:

  • Raising awareness of STEM initiatives and STEM opportunities in the state with a focus on underrepresented populations.
  • Implement PIPE-STEM™ professional development in up to 4 pilot sites throughout the state. 

UVU Plan & Outcomes

Park City Plan & Outcomes

An underrepresentation of females and minorities were found in STEM and CTE courses as well as a lack of focus on CTE/STEM pathways for students.  In a survey, a low percentage of students expected themselves to do well in Math and Science courses. Work plan strategies were put in place to create STEM pathways and raise awareness amongst parents, community members, and businesses A STEM Fest career fair was also held to create an emphasis on providing information to female and Hispanic students. 

Utah Showcase

Phase I - 2015

Phase II - 2017