Senior Capstone

Senior Capstone

Students in their senior year of the Technology Management program will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned during the TM program in the Senior Capstone Project class. Students will implement the knowledge gained in courses taken to prove their understanding and skills. The Capstone Class will help UVU students to make the transition from academia to the real world. The course is designed to:

  • Help students learn how to function in a cross-functional team environment
  • Teach students how to work with others to set and accomplish goals
  • Teach student teams how to take a real-world project from concept to completion
  • Teach students effective oral and written communication skills

Capstone Mission Statement

The mission of the Technology Management Senior Capstone Project is implementing acquired managerial knowledge and work-related experiences in order to promote engaged learning through applied research projects by multi-disciplined teams under the direction of the Technology Management department.

To learn more about the Senior Capstone Project please refer to catalog or contact Technology Management advisor.