TM in Workplace

Technology Management in the Workplace

The Technology Management degree will give a student management skills which add great worth to any company. Technology managers help create value for their organization by using technology and other recourses to solve problems. Also, a Technology Management degree will prepare graduates to lead and manage technology intensive organizations. Students will not only gain leadership skills but management skills which will make them competitive in the local and global market place.

Why Technology Management?

  • Students working on a Technology Management degree from UVU will not only be involved in courses particular to their major, but will also have management classes such as quality, operation, marketing, materials, and project management.
  • Throughout Technology Management courses, students learn what it means to be a true professional and how to accomplish professionalism in the workplace.
  • Students will learn many skills that will make them of marketable value to their future or current employer.
  • With these skills, a Technology Management graduate also has an increased earning potential and flexibility in their future careers.
  • The valuable lessons and diverse skills learned in Technology Management give our graduates the upper hand against future competitors in the job market.
  • In addition to the skills and knowledge acquired through achieving a Technology Management degree, graduates will inevitably gain confidence for their future careers.

These are only a handful of highlights to demonstrate how a Technology Management degree will help a graduate enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous future.