Independent Study Requirements

Time commitment: expect to work an average of 2 to 3 hours a week for every credit you are requesting. For example, obtaining 3 credits would require 6 to 9 hours a week minimum work on the project throughout the term. 

TECH 497R, Independent Study is available as an elective to students in the TM BS Degree.  The course “Offers independent study as directed in reading or individual projects at the discretion and approval of the department chair.”  The objectives of the course are to:

  1. Demonstrate ability to learn content and skills independently outside a traditional instructor-led classroom setting in preparation for life-long-learning.
  2. Develop a work/study plan for a defined learning area or project.
  3. Utilize outside resources and content which contribute to completing a work plan.
  4. Produce course deliverables according to a defined work plan.
  5. Communicate appropriately with course instructor when help is needed and when deliverables are completed.
  6. Articulate appropriately in writing and verbally what has been learned during the independent study.

The topic for an independent study should relate to the TM Degree, that is, it should be a management topic for which the student desires to obtain more knowledge.  The topic could go into more depth for a particular TM class or it could be a topic that is not currently covered by a TM class.  Independent study may also be used when a student needs a course to graduate at the end of a term in which the course is not being offered.

For the most part, independent study should utilize an existing book (or books) or consist of a major literature review from multiple sources.  An independent study may also consist of an individual project where a student puts into practice what has been learned in previous courses.  In all cases, the amount of work expended in an independent study should be similar to a regular class with the same number of credits.  Comparable deliverables submitted for grading should also be constant with a regular class.

A student desiring to take independent study as an elective should do the following:

  1. Select a topic to be studied
  2. Meet with the department chair to gain approval for the independent study and be assigned a faculty member as an instructor for the course
  3. Meet with an advisor to register for the class
  4. Develop a plan for the independent study including weekly readings, reviews, deliverables, and assessments. 
  5. Meet with the instructor to approve the plan
  6. Carry out the plan including scheduled review meetings with the instructor at least every two weeks.
  7. Produce and have evaluated all deliverables  identified in the plan
  8. After the plan has been completed, meet with the instructor to determine your grade for the course.

Any questions about the suitability a proposed topic for independent study should be discussed at a department faculty meeting.