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About the University Innovation Fellows

UVU student fellows for fall 2017 cohort: Brooke Schroeder (Psychology), Erin Call (Environmental Science), Nicolas Tyler (Business Management), and Timothy Smith (University Studies).

UVU faculty fellows for summer 2017 cohort: Dr. Cynthia Wong (University College) & Dr. Jacqueline Preston (University College) 

The University Innovation Fellows are a national community of students who work to ensure that their peers gain the necessary attitudes, skills, and knowledge required for them to compete in the economy of the future. To accomplish this, the Fellows advocate for lasting institutional change and create opportunities for students to engage in entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, design thinking and venture creation at their schools. Under the direction of the Institute of Design at Stanford University, these student leaders work with their peers from colleges and universities across the country to catalyze greater levels of innovation and venture activity on their campuses. Learn more: 

Utah Valley University was the first institution from the state of Utah chosen to sponsor University Innovation Fellows on their campus. Approximately four UVU students will be selected each year to attend intensive workshops at Google Headquarters and Stanford University in Palo Alto and receive additional training through the program. After training, Fellows pursue projects that will expose more students to creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Utah Valley University proudly sponsors an Innovation Fellows group on its campus due to the significant contributions of student Tanner Wheadon (Technology Management) working in cooperation with Dr. Anne Arendt (Technology Management) starting in 2014-2015. In 2016, we added five additional UVU fellows: Jason Carrick (Computer Science), Dallin Ott (Mechatronics), Brayden Cutler (Computer Science), Derek Latimer (Finance), and Mark Romero (Computer Science) and one faculty fellow: Dr. Armen Ilikchyan (Technology Management). The fellows for fall 2017 cohort are Brooke Schroeder (Psychology), Erin Call (Environmental Science), Nicolas Tyler (Business Management), and Timothy Smith (University Studies).  The UVU faculty fellows for summer 2017 cohort are Dr. Cynthia Wong (University College) & Dr. Jacqueline Preston (University College).

Note: A special thanks to the College of Engineering and Technology / Technology Management for funding the student opportunities and faculty opportunity for 2014-2016 cohorts; the College of Technology and Computing / Technology Management and the Woodbury School of Business for funding the student opportunities for the fall 2017 cohort; and to University College for funding in entirety the summer 2017 faculty cohort. 

Fall student training dates: August to October 2017 with 3-day travel to California in October 2017.

Summer faculty training dates: June-July 2017 with 3-day travel to California in July. 

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For questions, contact Dr. Anne Arendt , Dr. Armen Ilikchyan, or Dr. Mark Seastrand.


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