FAQs for Faculty/Staff

What is UVU's transfer credit policy?

How does UVU accept transfer credits from other colleges/universities?

What is the transfer articulation database & how do I access it?

How is a transcript processed and evaluated?

How does UVU accept AP, CLEP, DSST, or IB credits?

How do students see how UVU has accepted their credits?

Please visit UVU's Incoming Credit and Student FAQs web pages.

How do I see how UVU has accepted a student's transfer credit?

In UV Banner Online Services, click on Faculty Services then Advisor Menu. Transfer Credit Information can be viewed in the following links: Transfer Credit Awarded / Wolverine Track / Student Academic Transcript.

How do foreign (Non-USA) courses transfer to UVU?

What is the process?

How long does it take?

Please visit UVU's International Transcripts and International FAQs web pages.

How should I advise students who are transferring from UVU to another institution?

Please visit UVU's Outgoing Credit web page.

Photo of a faculty member helping a student