UVU CLEP Policy & Procedures

In recognition of the College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) sponsored by the College Entrance Examination Board, students may take various CLEP Subject Examinations and receive various credits/courses at UVU based on the score received. Credit will be posted as a "CR" grade and will not be calculated in the GPA. Duplicate credit will not be awarded for courses previously completed at UVU or other College/University. Students may not receive CLEP credit for a class which they are/or have been enrolled.

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Before taking any CLEP Exam

  • Contact the appropriate advisor to determine eligibility and receive approval to take the desired CLEP Exam.
  • Refer to the UVU 2017-2018 CLEP Listing (pdf) to determine who to contact and possible courses/credits which may be awarded.
    • You may need to Install Adobe Reader (free) on your computer in order to view the UVU CLEP Listing.
  • Refer to the UVU Testing Services CLEP web site for information on costs associated with CLEP Exams.

The minimum score required and the amount of credit granted through CLEP Subject Examinations is determined by the appropriate departments.
Credit is granted according to the policy in effect at the time UVU receives proof of the CLEP Exam and score. Policies are subject to change.

Students who have already taken CLEP Subject Examinations must request an official CLEP Transcript from College Board to be sent to the Graduation Office to have their results posted on their UVU student record/transcript.

After UVU has received and posted a student's CLEP Exam, the student may find what courses/credits have been awarded through myUVU. How to check Transfer Credit Awarded via myUVU

NOTE: No more than 25% of required credits for a UVU degree may be applied through Challenge/Experiential Credits. Challenge/Experiential Credit includes CLEP, DSST, Departmental Examinations and credit awarded based on equivalent experience.