Incoming Credit

Transfer Articulation Database

To look up courses at other colleges/universities and see how UVU accepts them, view our Transfer Articulation database.

Note: If your college/university is not listed in the database, it does not mean UVU does not or will not accept credit from that institution. This database shows all previously evaluated courses and is updated in real-time. If your course is not listed in the database, it will need to be reviewed once it is received by UVU on an official transcript. Due to the amount of information in this database, it may take several minutes to load.

Transcript Process and Evaluation

After you have applied to UVU, have official transcripts from all prior institutions mailed or electronically sent to UVU.

Official Paper Transcripts must be in a sealed envelope directly from the transfer institution and less than 6 months old.

Have prior institutions mail official paper transcripts to:

Utah Valley University
Attention: Admissions Office
800 West University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058-6703

Official Electronic Transcripts must be received directly from the transfer institution using a secure transcript exchange company or certified PDF document.

Have prior institutions e-mail secured/certified official electronic transcripts to:
(This e-mail is only for receiving secured/certified official electronic transcripts. Please send all questions to

(Please refer to the UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS section.)

Transcripts become UVU property after received; they will not be given back to the student. Transcripts accepted as official by the UVU Admissions Office are automatically sent to the Transfer Credit Office for evaluation and posting. The average processing time of the transcript varies according to time of the year it is received and normally takes from 1-3 weeks. Please have transcripts sent as soon as you have applied to UVU. The transcripts are processed on a first come, first served basis to make it fair for all students. We do all we can to get transcripts entered quickly.

The Transfer Credit Office may request the student to supply a catalog, bulletin, or course outline(s) from colleges attended to assist in determining the transferability of specific courses.


UVU may or may not award credit based on military transcripts. To determine if credit may be awarded:


Please refer to UVU's International Transcripts web page.

How can I see how my credits have been accepted?

1. Login to myUVU
2. Click on the Student Tab on the left hand column
3. Click on My Academics from the drop down menu
4. Under Transfer Information, select Transfer Credits Awarded and your transfer credit information will be displayed
    (If you return to the Student Tab, you can Click on Wolverine Track to see how your credits           apply to different degrees.)

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Transferring AP, CLEP, DSST, and/or IB credits to UVU

Click on the below links for detailed information:

How have my credits transferred to UVU?

Once UVU has received and evaluated a student's official transcript from another college, the student may find out how their credits have been accepted through myUVU (see myUVU Transfer Credit Awarded Instructions below). myUVU will display transfer credit that has been awarded up to the current moment. Information included in the Transfer Credit Awarded section are the dates UVU received and reviewed your transcript(s), the school(s) you took the course(s) from, the course(s) you took at the other school(s), the grade(s) you received, and the equivalent(s) which UVU awarded for the course(s).

The Transfer Credit Office uses a General Education Code System to aid in granting credit for courses not offered at UVU. Please refer to the current UVU Course Catalog under Graduation and General Education then General Education Code System for questions you may have regarding codes when viewing how your credits have transferred to UVU.

How to check Transfer Credit Awarded via myUVU

View transferred credits through myUVU

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