FAQs for International Students

How will my foreign (non-United States of America) courses transfer to UVU?

Due to the variety of languages, teaching methods, & courses offered outside of the U.S.A., all foreign transcripts must be evaluated by an approved evaluation service before we can determine if/how the courses may transfer to UVU.

Who are the approved evaluation services?
How do I transfer my credit from a foreign college/university?

Please view UVU's International Transfer Credit web page.

Which evaluation service should I use?

You should review each of the evaluation services' web pages and choose a service depending on your needs (cost, timeframe, etc). UVU can not recommend one service over another.

How long will it take for my foreign credits to show on my UVU record?

Please refer to each evaluation service regarding their timeframes to evaluate transcripts. Approximately 2-4 weeks after UVU receives the evaluation service report, credits will show on your UVU record. Some courses related to your major may take longer to evaluate.

What if I have an evaluation from another service or person?

All evaluations must be from one of the approved evaluation services.

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How can I see how my credits have been accepted?

View accepted credits through myUVU

How do my credits apply to my UVU degree?

After your credits show on your UVU record, check your progress toward graduation by viewing your Wolverine Track.