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TRiO Offers a New and Expanded Tutoring Program

Getting What you Need Now!

No more appointments! No more limited time with a tutor! No more canceling appointments and re-scheduling appointments when life gets in the way!  No waiting for a tutor to contact you!  No more only two hours with a tutor!
TRiO Student Support Services is expanding the Tutoring program to allow one-on-one tutoring with the convenience and flexibility of a busy student's life.   Tutors are available for you to walk-in anytime during the week from 8-5 pm and receive the additional help you need without an appointment.   Our tutors are here for you!  
Feel free to tap into the recourses as often as needed and be tutored as many hours as needed a week or drop in if there are only a few questions to be answered.  
Attached are the subjects being offered during the week.   

New TRiO Writing Service

 Need another set of eyes to look over your paper and give suggestions?  Need help getting started with a paper or writing assignment?  Don't have the time to stop into an office for help?  Want your paper reviewed by someone and don't know where to go?

 TRiO Student Support Services has the answers for you.   We have set up an email where students can send their papers and have one of our writing tutors review and give feedback to create a more cohesive paper.  

 Simply email your paper to and a writing tutor will review your paper and get back to you within one business day.  Our writing tutors are Jake, Jillian, and William. 



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