Take The Next Step

Offering courses and consultations that support, educate, and empower people in transition.

Courses & Workshops
woman lecturing in front of group

Series of life changing courses and workshops to help you take that next step in your relationships, work, and school.

two women talking

Meet one-on-one with a consultant to create an individualized plan and obtain resources to help you achieve your goals.

Professional Clothing Source
woman smiling in business attire

Free professional clothing for women. Vouchers available for men.

Who Do We Serve?

Anyone who is looking to change or improve their life! Including those who are experiencing:

  • Divorce
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Emotional & Psychological Challenges
  • Career Changes
  • Workforce Re-Entry
  • Unemployment
  • College Re-Entry
  • Poverty
  • Low Income

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