Providing a Place and a Path for Every Student:

Expanding efforts to more fully ensure the success of every student on campus.

The collection of degrees and programs, student support services, and academic departments organized under the umbrella of UVU's University College (UC) is based upon a student-centered, best practice, national model. University College fulfills an important community college function and makes open enrollment possible at the University by being a student's connection to success, providing an entry point for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and supporting them throughout their academic experience to completion of their educational goals. It is our primary focus to be inclusive and to help each student feel welcomed and valued. We are here to ensure there is a way to engage all students as they successfully complete their course work and obtain their desired degree. Put simply, we provide a place and a path for every student.


“The University College is a student’s connection to success, providing an entry point for individuals with varying levels of academic preparation while inspiring and empowering them throughout their academic experience to completion of their educational goals.”




“Foster learning opportunities and collaborations.”

Dean Forest Williams

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Academic Departments

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Developmental Mathematics

Supporting students from all disciplines with a foundation in preparatory mathematics that is crucial for their success in higher level mathematics courses.

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English Language Learning

Helping non-native English speaking students understand and successfully meet academic language expectations within an American university.

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Literacies And Composition

Providing opportunities for students to recognize their own oral, written, and visual literacies as relevant to the academic setting.

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student leadership & success studies

Better preparing students for the demands of college life, the pursuit of major and career paths, and the development of essential life skills.

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Student Resources

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Undecided on a college degree? The Academic Counseling Center is an ideal starting point in your academic journey.

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Academic Standards

Are you struggling or facing academic difficulties? Academic Standards has dedicated counselors and workshops to help!

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Innovation Fellows

WE are leading a movement across a America to bring together Engineers & Designers, Scientists & sociologists, STEM students & liberal artists. Together, we will harness our creative potential, invent truly innovative solutions, hone our Entrepreneurial mindset & bring out bold ideas to life.

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Math Lab

Math Lab

In the Math Lab our goal is to help students better learn and understand mathematics. To accomplish this we strive to provide students with an atmosphere that is friendly, welcoming, and that helps them to become independent learners.

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Writing Center

Writing Center

The UVU Writing Center provides a space where students of all disciplines may further their understanding of writing principles and enhance their writing skills.

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Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring focuses on helping students become independent learners, with the ultimate goal of building a foundation of study skills that students can use as they move forward. Study Smarter.

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UVUSA stands for Utah Valley University Student Association. We're students fighting for students!

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