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University College, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the School of Education are pleased to present the 4th Annual ADHD Conference. This conference is designed for students, parents, teachers, administrators, and professionals who are interested in learning about ADHD, treatments, education and family life, available services, and practical resources.

We invite you to listen to leading experts in ADHD, and join in the breakout sessions instructed by a multidisciplinary group of professional that will share their research and best practices.

This is a great opportunity to come together as a community and broaden the awareness of ADHD. Please join us in the Student Center at Utah Valley University on October 2, 2015. Conference check-in open at 8:00am, the keynote session begins at 9:00am, and all breakout sessions will conclude at 4:00pm. We look forward to seeing you.


2015 ADHD Committee


2015 Conference Program




Mark Patey


This year we welcome Mark Patey as our keynote speaker. Mark is a successful entrepreneur and speaker. He is currently the owner of BlueStep Technologies, 4Care Pharmacies, and Growth Climate Education and Therapy Centers. He was the host of his own motor sports show on ESPN and is consistently rated as one of the top presenters and trainers in the country. Mark is the author of Addicts and Millionaires: The Gifts and Curse of ADHD, available on iTunes. Mark believes that he has achieved great success in life because of, rather than in spite of, his ADHD.  He explains in plain (and very entertaining) English how you can leverage the gifts, while minimizing the challenges, associated with ADHD. Mark has been a very popular presenter at the conference over the years, and we know that you will enjoy hearing from him as she shares his insights on living (and thriving) with ADHD.




Alan Brown


An entrepreneur, productivity coach and host of Crusher™TV, Alan Brown created the award-winning ADD Crusher™ video series. Undiagnosed until well into adulthood, his untreated ADHD manifested in all-too-familiar ways – underachievement, substance abuse and worse. Upon diagnosis, he found it difficult to learn coping strategies from books, so he developed his own unique “brain hack” strategies while building a successful advertising career and several start-ups. He’s a featured presenter at ADHD conferences in the U.S. and Europe, countless webinars, and at TEDx San Diego. Alan authored a free eBook, “Five Things You’re Doing Every Day that Make Your ADHD Worse!”, available at



Session Presenters

Alan Brown


Jenna Atkinson is the Coordinator of Assistive Technology at Utah Valley University. She has worked in Accessibility Services for the last five years. She holds a BS in English & Literature and her understanding of written language and document structure has been an asset in overhauling the alternative text program at UVU. She intends to pursue a Master’s degree in disability services in the future. She provides training and information on assistive technology and accessible materials to students, faculty, and staff on a daily basis. 



Alan Brown

 Brandon Heugly has been working with children and families for nearly a decade in various settings. He is currently the director of a summer treatment program "Camp Takoda" that provides intense behavioral treatment  for children who have a current diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or other related disorders. He also works as an elementary school social worker for Granite School District. Brandon has a special interest and specialty in working with children with executive functioning disorders and runs a private practice along with Sherrie Sanchez, LCSW. He brings a very energetic, funny, and engaging style of presenting along with powerful anecdotes from his private practice and personal history. He earned both his undergraduate degree and graduate degree at the University of Utah in Psychology, and Social Work respectively. Brandon has presented at a number of different conferences specifically for ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Adoption, and also provides weekly parent trainings and support groups. Brandon's hobbies include singing, playing guitar, and jumping on trampolines.


Alan Brown


Jaydra Hymer is an ADHD expert, behavior specialist, and educator. She is the owner of Brainpower Unlimited, and was the founder and director of Success Pointe, a private school for children with ADHD and other challenges. She also taught college courses to educators for 9 years. For two decades, she has done extensive research on ADHD. In addition, she is the mother of 5 children who have ADHD.




Alan Brown


Laura Loree is an Accessibility Services Counselor at Utah Valley University. She has been actively involved in student transition, effective delivery of assistive technology services and electronic instructional materials at UVU. She has a passion for technology in education and 25 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities. She holds a Master of Arts in Education: Counseling from Redlands University and a certificate in Assistive Technology Applications from California State University, Northridge.



Alan Brown


Dr. Jack Jensen is a licensed Psychologist and has been in practice for over 40 years. In that time he feels it has been an honor to help individuals, couples and families grow and progress toward more fulfilling and satisfying lives. Dr. Jensen utilizes evidenced-based therapeutic interventions. He believes the relationship between the client and therapist is the single most important factor in providing an atmosphere where positive growth and change can occur.

Dr. Jensen has developed expertise in the assessment of Adult AD/HD. He feels that, although AD/HD is very treatable, many individuals go through life undiagnosed causing them much suffering and unnecessary hardship.


Alan Brown


Christian Moore is a renowned author, speaker, and licensed clinical social worker. Christian spent most of his childhood years on the streets near Washington, D.C. Due to learning disabilities; counselors informed him that college wasn’t an option. However, Christian became a well-respected recipient of a master's degree. As a social worker in education, youth corrections, and a homeless program, Christian saw the need for a new approach and created WhyTry. He now consults with thousands of school districts on lowering dropout rates, improving school climate, preventing bullying, and closing the achievement gap by teaching social and emotional education.



Alan Brown


Esperanza Reyes was born in Nicaragua, and her family moved to the United States when she was a little girl. She grew up in Miami, Florida and has been living in Utah for almost 10 years. Her education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics and one in Sociology.  She currently has a Master of Science in Human Development and Social Policy, along with a Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies, from the University of Utah. Esperanza is the mother of a 5 year-old-boy on the Autism Spectrum.  She is also sister to a young man on the Spectrum.  Her life has been touched and shaped by these two individuals.  Her greatest desire is to see them live fulfilled lives, as they have allowed her to find fulfillment in hers. 



Alan Brown

Dr. Adam Schwebach is the director of Neuropsychology Center of Utah. He completed his master’s degree in clinical psychology from Eastern Kentucky University specializing in pediatric psychology and autism and a doctorate degree in educational psychology from the University of Utah specializing in neuropsychology. Dr. Schwebach is a part time School Psychologist with the Weber School District.  He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Utah State University in the Department of Psychology .  Dr. Schwebach speaks internationally to parents and educators on topics, including ADHD, executive functioning deficits, Autism, Dementia and effective behavioral management strategies and has co-authored several professional articles and book chapters on similar topics.  Dr. Schwebach is the co-founder of and, interactive websites that provide diversion programs to adolescents on topics related to cell phone safety and sexting. 



Alan Brown

Greg M. Pavich M.D. is a board certified pediatrician and has been practicing with Alpine Pediatrics since 2002.  He graduated from the University of Utah School of Medicine in 1996 and completed a pediatric residency with the U.S. Air Force at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi Mississippi.  Greg then served 3 years at Langley AFB in Virginia.   He worked in a clinic designated for special needs kids and developed a deep interest in helping kids with development and behavior disorders while working there.  This interest has stuck with him throughout his career.  As a result, he spends a good deal of his practice treating kids with ADD and other psychiatric conditions.  



Film Screening: TOXIC HOT SEAT

Topic Hot Seat


Set against the backdrop of the award-winning 2012 Chicago Tribune investigative series "Playing With Fire," TOXIC HOT SEAT threads together an intricate story of manipulation that details how Big Tobacco skillfully convinced fire safety officials to back a standard that, in effect, requires all furniture to be filled with toxic flame retardants. The film continues to untangle how the chemical companies obscure the risks to public health and misrepresent chemical safety data by paying "experts" to alarm legislators and the public about the deadly risk of removing chemical flame retardants from our homes.

Through the personal stories of a cancer-surviving firefighter, a renowned chemist whose work helped remove fire retardants from kid's pajamas in the 1970s, and a brave and determined young Maine legislator and mom, TOXIC HOT SEAT reveals the courage of brave citizens willing to fight for the truth against a shadowy nexus of money and politics.


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