Tanner Wheadon

As a University Innovation Fellow, my greatest goal is to help students from all disciplines rekindle their creative confidence and teach them how to approach problem solving in a new way. It is imperative that we engage students in a hands-on learning experience that allows them to identify and solve problems the world is facing.

-Tanner Wheadon (UVU's First Innovation Fellow) 

University Innovation Fellows Manifesto:

WE believe students can change the world. Our ideas matter. Our efforts can make the difference. Our future depends on it. We believe it lies within all of us: we have the ability to lead when leadership is required; to exercise humility when not; to collaborate with others on creative solutions; to adapt with our ever-changing environment; and to keep our love of continuous learning alive until our last breath.

WE are leading a movement across a America to bring together Engineers & Designers, Scientists & sociologists, STEM students & liberal artists. Together, we will harness our creative potential, invent truly innovative solutions, hone our Entrepreneurial mindset & bring out bold ideas to life.

Our nation needs us. The time is now….

The Movement

The Innovation Fellows are challenging institutions of Higher Education to “engage students with innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and creativity at their schools. Fellows design innovation spaces, start entrepreneurship organizations, host experiential learning events and work with faculty to develop new courses…” To this end, Innovation Fellows are transforming the educational system around the world. Graduates of the program spend six weeks experiencing IDEO’s Design Thinking Methodology, and then are challenged to apply it at their respected Universities. After training, innovation fellows spend four days at the Stanford Design School, Google, and Microsoft campuses in Palo Alto, CA where they have the opportunity to learn from some of the most innovative minds of our day.

Come Join the Movement…

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