Certification and Training Lookup System

The Utah Fire and Rescue Academy "Look-up System" helps chiefs, administrators, and firefighters view certification levels acheived and training courses attended (by individual or by department). The Look-up System provides an "unofficial" copy of a certification certificate or certificate of attendance for a training course.

Currently, the online look-up system is being updated and certificates of training and certification can be requested using the form below.  Once the form is submitted, certification information will be emailed to you withing THREE business days and training information will be emailed withing FIVE business days.  If you would like to email a certification or training staff member directly, please view the staff contact page. 

For additional help, please contact 888-548-7816

Utah Fire & Rescue Academy Lookup Request

We are currently updating our automated lookup system. In the meantime, please fill out the form below to request copies of certification or training certificates.

If you are requesting a list of certifications for an entire department, please email ufracertification@uvu.edu