Mental Fitness

As first responders we are exposed to death, dying, poor decision making, abuse, suicides, etc. The Utah Fire Rescue Academy recognizes these issues and created this site as a resource for ALL Utah firefighters in helping them become mentally fit.

Featured resource:

Healing Our Own - a joint labor-management initiative committed to making emotional wellness and post-traumatic stress injuries a health and safety priority in the fire service. Produced by the California Fire Service Task Force on Behavioral Health.

Crisis Support Line


  • Speak to someone specifically trained to work with emergency responders.
  • 100% Confidential
  • Available 24/7


Warning signs

People who are in danger of taking their own lives may try to reach out to others - sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. At-risk individuals rarely volunteer the information that they are thinking of harming themselves. See more information on how you can help.

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a woman holding a phone and dialing out to emergency services

Behavioral Health Services

If you are in need of immediate mental health help, there are many resources available to you. Find out how you can get help—including a list of numbers you can call and helpful websites to visit.

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spouse with firefighter

Spouse Support

As the spouse of a firefighter or other emergency responder, you may notice warning signs that indicate your spouse may be struggling.

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There are many resources available out there that offer easy access to help. We have compiled a list of links, tools, and articles that we have found to be helpful to those in need.

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See our library of videos and other training resources that can assist first responders in learning more about behavioral health concerns in the fire service and how to prevent problems relating to mental fitness.

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A health professional graps a man on the shoulder who is looking down at the ground


Your tools and apparatus need preventative maintenance. Is your body any different? Is your mind? Use these resources to discover what you and your crew can learn and do before help is needed.

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Check out our list of frequently asked questions and see if we can answer yours.

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