Mental Health Training

UFRA Courses

  • UFRA has added "First Responder Mental Health Awareness" as a core course.  We also offer "Understanding Your Firefighter & Your Relationship" for spouses of firefighters.  See Core Course Descriptions for more information.
    • To schedule a course or find out about other mental health related courses, email Joy Stearns or call her at 801-699-7312.

Online Courses  

  • Putting Out the Fire:  Stress Resilience Strategies
    • Stress is an underlying risk factor that affects a majority of the population, especially first responders. Can you identify your current stressors? Do you know what types of stressors exist? Do you know the types of stressors to which you are susceptible? This webinar helps you key in on the types of stressors most prominent for firefighters and how to successfully manage stress as it arises. This course is available through the NVFC’s Virtual Classroom.
      • There is a fee for this course.

Training Videos

  • Any of these videos are good to use as training.
  • Warning:  Some of the videos may contain graphic details that may trigger negative responses.




  • Start the Conversation: an online Georgia Governor’s Initiative Community Policing video that seeks to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health issues. (application for police, fire, EMS, dispatch)





  • Mind-Body Bridging:  Tools to control your brain and body to be able to handle stress more effectively.


Provide Feedback

The Utah Fire and Rescue Academy is extremely interested in any feedback regarding courses on mental health awareness. If you would like to submit any information by email, you may use the form below.  Contact information is not required.

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