Fire Officer Designation Program

Officer Development HandbookIn 2011, the International Association of Fire Chiefs released the 2nd Edition of the Officer Development Handbook (ODH). Four levels of career development are delineated in the ODH based on specific elements relating to duties at each level. Certification as a Fire Officer shows that a person has met the minimum standard as set by the NFPA, while the ODH lays out a more optimum standard reflecting a more holistic view of how a person has prepared to become an officer.

The Utah Fire Officer Designation Program (UFODP) uses the ODH as a basis to recognize personal achievement through specific training, education, certification, and experience related to the job of a company officer. This recognition program for Utah fire professionals provides a coherent and attainable guide to career advancement. To help prospective fire officers achieve each element found in the ODH, the UFODP also identifies resources available to Utah firefighters to attain the designation within a resource matrix that identifies particular certifications, training and college courses and experiences. The concept is that a person’s ability to perform well as an officer is dependent on more than a passing score on a test. Capability is built by years of varied and quantifiable learning and growing experiences. New firefighters can use the UFODP to map out a path for career advancement. Fire departments can use the OFODP to help define promotional qualifications. Found below is current news about the implementation of the program as well as documents that are being proposed as the basis for the recognition program.

Resource Matrix