Training General Information

The Utah Fire & Rescue Academy provides a wide variety of training opportunities to fire and emergency service providers in several formats. Fire departments throughout Utah can request Academy deliveries of many basic training and live-fire courses at their locations or in their region. Most of these classes are completely subsidized by the state and are therefore free to fire departments. Curriculum for Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat, Apparatus Driver Operator and other courses are available for loan to departments wishing to conduct their own training through our Supported Delivery programs. Some of these classes can also be delivered to non-fire agencies and businesses at a reasonable cost.

Advanced and specialized courses are also available to fire departments at low cost. Many of these are delivered during our seasonal fire schools. These schools bring together emergency personnel from Utah and surrounding states to receive instruction from the best regional and national instructors available. Some of these courses can also be taken on the road by special request. UFRA is also a delivery partner for National Fire Academy (NFA) Regional, Direct Delivery and hand-off classes as well as National Wildfire Coordination Group (NWCG) courses.

Many UFRA training courses can also be delivered for college credit that applies towards a UVU Associates Degree. UVU tuition and fees may apply.

UFRA courses are designed to meet the NFPA Professional Qualifications requirements for Certification. Certification testing can be administered at the conclusion of many classes. The Utah Fire Service Certification System is accredited by the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and the National Fire Service Professional Qualification System and recognized by state, federal and international agencies.

The ten acre UFRA facility at the Provo Airport is a modern, comprehensive facility with extensive fixed props, structures and classrooms to support a multitude of simulated fire, rescue, haz mat, terrorism, WMD, emergency medical, wildland and other emergency scenarios. UFRA also utilizes a fleet of mobile props and training systems to assure that audiences statewide can receive high quality instruction using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. We have recently added an advanced computer lab to support Fire Inspector, Incident Command, Homeland Security and other training.