NWCG Interagency Training Nomination Form

Nomination Form (pdf)

You may also save your nomination on your computer and email it to Angie Menlove at menlovan@uvu.edu.

If you cannot get the nomination form saved onto your desktop, try the following steps:

STEP 1. With the nomination form open on your screen, click the "Word Document" icon on the left side of your tool bar. This will open a window asking where you would like to save the document so it can be easily referenced for future use.

STEP 2. Click "save". This will then open up a new window with the nomination form available to input your information.

STEP 3. Once you have completed filling out the form, click "File" then "Save".

STEP 4. Once you have saved your document you can send it as and email attachment to Angie Menlove at menlovan@uvu.edu.