April 27-28, 2018

Classes Offered

Rural Incident Command

Each class is 8 hours, independent of the other class.

  • Dates:
    • Friday, April 27, 0800-1700
    • Saturday, April 28, 0800-1700
  • Class Limit:  12 participants
  • Audience: Volunteer firefighters who might be placed in an incident command assignment at a working structure fire.
  • Prerequisites:  None

Incident command at structure fires has its own challenges in the volunteer world. Personnel, apparatus, and water supply are typically limited resources when compared to urban areas. This new, one-day course will focus on real world incident command at structure fires applied to the limited resources frequently found in today’s volunteer fire service.

Participants will have the chance to learn and practice proven incident command strategies that can help them successfully run incident command at structure fires in their own area with their own resources. It also has one-minute drills real hands on evolutions performed outside that is part of the class that will test their abilities along with command.

Forcible Entry

Each class is 4 hours, independent of the other classes.

  • Dates:
    • Friday, April 27, 0800-1200
    • Friday, April 27, 1300-1700
    • Saturday, April 28, 0800-1200
    • Saturday, April 28 1300-1700
  • Class Limit:  12 participants
  • Prerequisites:  None

This class will cover the majority of the firefighter I practical skills for forcible entry. It starts out in the classroom for the first hour followed by 3 hours of hands-on skills. The lecture will cover different types of doors, windows and gates and the different techniques of gaining access through them. The lecture portion of the class is not meant to cover the Firefighter I written portion of the certification test in its entirety.


  • Explain the basic principles of forcible entry and egress
  • Understand the basic construction of doors, windows and gates
  • Demonstrate techniques used to force entry through various types of doors, windows and gates
  • Identify safety considerations that need to be taken when forcing entry through doors, windows and gates.

Special Instructions: Full firefighter turnouts required (turnout pants and coat, NFPA structural boots, gloves, and protective eye wear).

Vehicle Extrication - Basic

Each class is 8 hours, independent of the other class.

  • Dates:  
    • Friday, April 27, 0800-1700
    • Saturday, April 28, 0800-1700
  • Class Limit:  20 participants

Content includes: Responder preparedness, safety, size-up, vehicle anatomy, tools and equipment, accident anatomy, extrication principles, and techniques. Emphasizes practical demonstrations and exercise. Course meets the requirements of the Firefighter II objectives for vehicle rescue. Students must be in good physical condition and capable of working in a high stress fire fighting environment.  

  • Required PPE
    • Protective clothing and equipment must be in good working condition, and will include helmets, gloves, bunker pants & coat (or brush gear/Jumpsuit), steel toed boots (NO Hiking boots), and ANSI approved eye protection.
    • Every student will be required to bring their own PPE.
    • Sharing of PPE will not be allowed.
    • UFRA will not supply any PPE and failure to bring it to the class venue will eliminate the student from the class.

To register contact Randy Willden at 801-631-8878 or


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