Activities Council

The Scholarly and Creative Activities Council is an advisory committee that reports to the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs - Engaged Learning. With representatives from each of the university’s colleges and schools, the council works to guide, support, facilitate, and advocate for research and scholarly activities across campus.

There is a substantial number of faculty who are actively involved in scholarly activities and student-oriented research which enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms. The Scholarly and Creative Activities Council is central to supporting these efforts and expanding undergraduate research and creative activity at Utah Valley University.

There are several activities that the council oversees and coordinates. A sample of these activities are the Presidential Award for Faculty Scholarly Activities, the Utah Conference on Undergraduate Research (UCUR) for students, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) for students, Undergraduate Research Scholarly and Creative Activities (URSCA) and Board of Trustee's Engaged Learning Scholarship (BoTS).


Frederick White, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs- Engaged Learning

Craig Thulin, Chair, Faculty Development Committee

Tyler Standiferd, Assistant Professor, Exercise Science/Outdoor Recreation

Suzy Cox, Assistant Professor of Elementary Education

Eric Stencil, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Jacques D'Emal, Librarian, UVU Library

Daniel Horns, Associate Dean, College of Science

Paul Morrey, Assistant Professor of Information Technology

Natalie Douglass, Assistant Professor of Music

Chitralekha Duttagupta, Associate Professor, Basic Composition ESL

Andrew Byrnes, Associate Professor of Emergency Services

Jeff Peterson, Associate Professor of Business Management

Huda Al-Ghaib, Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering