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Fulton Library

The Fulton Library supports information access, student learning, and knowledge creation. It is a wonderful resource for faculty to assist in research.

Fulton Library
Fulton Library interior bottom two floors


SCULPT, the Scholarly and Creative Undergraduate Learning Partnership Team, supports faculty and students by developing inquire-based pedagogy, encouraging undergraduate research, developing programs, mentoring students, developing skills and traits, and helping identify and pursue funding. SCULPT supports faculty specifically by offering:

  • Resources for research on human subjects
  • Internal resources and grants
  • External resources and grants
  • Faculty to Faculty support
  • Library specialized services
  • Travel Funding

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The Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL) is a combination of the Distance Education department and the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence. The two were combined to form a single office in November 2014. This reorganization is intended to strengthen ties between technology and pedagogy, simplify faculty development, and encourage closer partnerships with schools and colleges. The mission of OTL is to enable the enhancement of learning and teaching practice through high quality course design, meaningful faculty development, and technical support for learning technology. OTL offers resources for faculty to engage in faculty development, design a course, and find funding.

Office of Teaching and Learning