The D. Clark and Pam Turner Endowment for Engaged Learning in STEM Research Fellowships (TEELS) are designed to support student research in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines. This faculty mentored student research may be conducted by students in any major, but should have a focus mentor in the physical sciences, health, math, or technology departments. The goal of this fellowship is to provide very high impact mentored research learning experiences for advanced students in STEM-related areas, and prepare the student with early professional experience in their chosen fields. The student must demonstrate a commitment and potential to advance in these areas. The faculty mentor must be prepared to provide high-quality mentoring to the student within a laboratory context.

Funds may be requested up to $4,000 over two terms. Awards are primarily intended to be used for student hourly wages, but may also be used for travel, supplies, or other student-related costs associated with their faculty mentor's research. Proposals will be submitted to the Scholarly and Creative Activities Council for review.

Students awarded funding must send a 3-5 page summary report, and a poster representing their findings at the conclusion of their work. They must also apply to present their research at a discipline specific, national, international, regional, or institutional conference.

Application Instructions

1.  Click here to apply for TEELS funding. You will be transported to OrgSync, where you will create a membership login.

2.  Click on "Signup" and complete membership.

3.  Logon to OrgSync with username and password.

4.  Locate Office of Engaged Learning page and click on "Join Now."

5.  Click on "Forms."

6.  Select "Turner Endowment for Engaged Learning in STEM Research Fellowships (TEELS)" to complete application form.

Application Deadline: 

March 20, 2018 by 5:00 pm

This is a firm deadline.
Notification of awards will be sent via email

PLEASE NOTEYou will need to secure signatures in order to complete the application.  We will not accept hard copy of signatures in our office.  Please plan ahead.  Securing signatures from your faculty mentor, department chair, dean and financial manager may take several days.

Signature Page:  Requires signatures of your faculty mentor, department chair, and dean.

Budget Request form:  Requires signature of your college's financial manager.


Tips on preparing your proposal:

Proposals should:

  1. Include your name, UVID number, email address, and your faculty mentor's information.
  2. Provide a short statement of career goals and challenges you face completing your education.
  3. State, in clear terms, the central question and the purpose of the research.
  4. Provide a brief discussion of the research methodology
    a. State conclusions, either final or anticipated
    b. Be well organized
    c. Length should fall between 250-400 words.

All abstracts will undergo a careful review by the Scholarly & Creative Activities Council.

Review and funding of undergraduate scholarly projects take into account the following criteria:

1. Project has clearly stated objectives and outcomes that can be readily evaluated at completion.

2. Project includes a product that significantly contributes to scholarship or creative work within its discipline, with a strong component of scientific investigation and/or technology development. Higher priority will be given to projects subject to some aspect of professional peer review extending beyond the confines of the UVU campus.

3. Proposal is well written and organized, offering background and context to show how the project fits into the overall discipline, and how it contributes to that discipline in a meaningful and novel way.

4. Project requires rigorous effort at the advanced undergraduate level, and is reasonable in scope and time requirements given the funding requested and the projected time period.

5. Project has the approval and full support of a faculty advisor, with the endorsement of the department and college.

6. Special consideration will be given to students that have had to overcome significant challenges to complete their education.

You may wish to download and view the PDF of a blank application form to familiarize yourself with the required information before you begin the application process.