Ideas for Connecting with Mentors:

  • Join SCULPT, the Scholarly and Creative Undergraduate Learning Partnership Team. This team is designed to assist students with research by developing inquire-based pedagogy, encouraging undergraduate research, developing programs, mentoring students, developing skills and traits in students, and helping identify and pursue funding. SCULPT has many mentors already identified for students to partner with in order to assist them in their research. Visit the SCULPT website today.
  • Ask your professors about their current research
  • Read UVU’s research journals and see what other students are doing and who they are working with

Why Connect with a Faculty Mentor?

Research confirms that academic performance increases considerably when faculty mentor undergraduate students. This relationship maximizes the student’s ability to engage in quality, independent, and rigorous research. Mentoring includes:

  1. Guiding the student in selecting, developing, and refining a research or creative project
  2. Teaching the student discipline-specific research skills
  3. Enabling a student to become an independent and creative thinker

Applying for Grants:

Once you have connected with a faculty member it is time to apply for grants that will help you carry out your research and publish and present your findings. Faculty mentors will help you to apply for these grants. Some of these are:

  • BoTS
  • ELLA
  • External Funding