Get Involved:

Getting involved in research can be difficult for students. It is difficult to know how to come up with an idea and how to draft a research proposal. However, research can be easy to start. It is important that when you are doing research that you pick something that interests you. What questions do you have about the world around you? Think about your area of study, hobbies, and interests. Is there anything that you want to learn more about? Are there relationships between variables that you don’t understand? Do you think that there are areas of improvement that could be made in things you are passionate about? This is where research is born.

Other Ways to find Research Ideas:

  • Network with your peers
  • Talk to your professors
  • Identify research projects that are currently being carried out by faculty
  • Identify research projects or programs that are being carried out across the country 

Come Up With an Idea

After you have done some digging, you should come up with an idea, connect with a mentor, and conduct your research.