UVU 2017 Legislative Priorities

Capital Facility Priority

Woodbury School of Business (Total estimated cost $70M)

  • New 180,000-square-foot building to develop Utah’s future workforce
  • UVU has the largest business school in USHE with 5,038 students
  • UVU has the least square footage of classroom space per student in USHE
  • 2 for 1—Existing business building will be repurposed to classroom and faculty office space to help meet needs of growing student body

Transportation Needs

  • Skywalk to connect west campus and FrontRunner to UVU main campus
  • 8th South Orem interchange (MAG’s phase 1 plan)


Compensation (USHE $32.9M/UVU $4.6M)

Be competitive in the global talent market to attract, reward, and retain top faculty and staff who can prepare citizens and workforce-ready graduates

  • 3% performance-based compensation
  • 7% health premium increase

Student Growth and Market Demand

New Student Growth (USHE $4M/UVU $1M)

  • Half of K–12’s growth in the last decade has been in Utah County
  • UVU projects over 45,000 students enrolled at the University by 2025

Market Demand Programs (USHE $19.4M/UVU $2.4M)

  • Expand tech and computing programs for access and timely completion
  • Develop new healthcare programs to meet demands of a growing population
  • Graduate programs in computer science and cybersecurity
  • Learning support and tutoring services for STEM programs

Performance Funding (USHE $10M/UVU $1.4M)

  • Student Success: Completion
  • Advisement, technology, and infrastructure


 2017 fact sheet